is this thing on? I have lost all meaning of life and need to get my grip on something again. I am, as you may well know, Emily. 26. Dutch. Bored with my current life, as most of us are with the pandemic looming everywhere. Slowly but surely I might be able to come back to the TCG world. If not, make sure you follow me on Twitch ;), jk. But no really, follow me @xbyemily. I'm still alive with the same layout I have had for the past 5 years. It's 2021, who cares! Simplicity is key. I'm currently only active in Melody, but I am secretly hoping Novella will return as I have mastered a SHITLOAD of decks. If you want to trade with me, I am always open to everything!


Melody is a music TCG run by Christina and Shawna. You can collect pretty much any music video or artist that you can think of. If the deck of your choosing is not available, why not donate and make things easier for me so I don't have to. My favorites here are: any deck by 1D or a 1D member, any Demi Lovato songs and pretty much anything to come out of the X-Factor.


Novella is a book cover TCG run by Christina and Shawna. This TCG to me means nostagia. Not because I was such a big reader when I was young, oh no, but because I've been a member for ages and have mastered so many decks that I just collect whatever I have the most of now! Favorites include: anything by Sara Shepard, anything by Danielle Paige and anything I haven't already mastered.

5 General Knowledge Trivia Facts

1: Like fingerprints, all tongue prints are different.

2: You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.

3: Ravenclaw is the best Hogwarts house. - It's just fact people.

4: Rhythm is the longest English word without a vowel. - Wrong, Y is a vowel.

5: People who speak two languages, may unconsciously change their personality when they switch languages. - Can confirm.

Trade with me

If you happen to come across some cards which you would like to add to your collection, shoot me a trade. If you don't have anything to offer me, just send me an email. I'm not that picky. I'll accept pretty much anything I don't already have/have mastered.